Chief Justice recount shows that voting procedures appear to be precise and honest in Chatham County

By Terry Schmidt

Pittsboro, NC – The voting, the machine recounts, the hand recounts, and the voter challenges are over. Justice Beasley has conceded; Justice Newby will be the next Chief Justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court.

Justice Newby

How did the recounts turn out in Chatham County? Glad you asked!

Beasley asked for a recount. Chatham County machine recounts exactly matched the previous election results.

Beasley asked for a hand recount. Chatham County hand recounts exactly matched the previous election results.

The Beasley campaign then challenged non-counted Democrat and Independent votes in almost all counties across North Carolina that Beasley claimed should have been counted for her. In Chatham county, after review by the Chatham Board of Elections staff, below is what was found (several of these fell in more than one category). These votes were (correctly) not counted in Chatham County:

  • One ballot had a postmark date after the election
  • One ballot arrived after November 12 (after the cutoff date)
  • One ballot had no witness signature
  • Two voters were registered past the legal cutoff date
  • Two ballots had Pitney Bowes machine postmarks (those postmarks could be manipulated, and only an official USPS postmark is valid)
  • One voter was not a resident for the required 30 days prior to the elections
  • Two voters attempted to vote twice (once in early election, once on the day of election)
  • Seven voters were registered in other counties or other states and tried to vote in Chatham County

Perhaps Justice Beasley conceded after seeing similar results across the state.

This tells me two things: first, our Chatham Board of Elections members and board staff are correctly following the law, and our Chatham voting procedures appear to be precise and honest. Second, we the people need to be ever vigilant for voter fraud. Our board staff caught these errors. How many other errors in other counties or states were not caught? We the People must require that our local Board, the State Board and our State Legislature ensure that voter rolls are up-to-date in all future elections. And, lets give a big round of applause to our Chatham elections staff and board members.