The Waltons. . . in living color!

By N.A. Booko

Pittsboro, NC – The Waltons TV show premiered September 1972. I had only settled in Chatham County the month before. I had a 19″ portable black and white TV set. I saw all the Walton shows in black and white. I can’t remember the exact year I got color TV, but it must have been mid 1980s.

The Waltons cast

But I do remember feeling like I was the last one in this county to have color television. I suppose there were those that whispered behind my back about my lack of modern conveniences.

But, as well as I remember, I watched all the Walton episodes. The show was on from 1972 until June 1981. By that time I had decided not to watch it any more and moved on to other shows. I can’t even say now, that I was aware that the show wasn’t in black and white and had never been in black and white. I enjoyed it always.

Yesterday, just by chance, I was on the MeTV channel 50, watching “Mama’s Family” and the Waltons followed that. It was a Thanksgiving special; two hours. My first time seeing it in color! What a treat.

There is something about that show, that rings so true for many of us born before 1940. The difficult times. And the ‘make do’ remedies always in place to make us feel we were right up there with the wealthy and high society.

That reminds me. I’m gonna make cornbread and cabbage tomorrow! And yes, I do have buttermilk to go along with that.