Let’s not be mask Nazis

By Mark Stinson

Bear Creek, NC – I have been in and out of a number of places across several counties recently and I have seen more not wearing masks than doing so. I have yet to point a finger at a particular business because I understand one important fundamental rule: You can’t throw stones at one sin and ignore the rest. A lot of folks are not wearing masks; it’s a fact. A lot of folks can’t wear one due to a genuine medical condition. I won’t put a local small business in the cross hairs as they are struggling. To do so wouldn’t make any difference on making the general public follow a mask mandate but rather be a direct hit on the business named in the complaint’s income.

So until you can make the big box stores enforce mask wearing don’t bother the little business that is just trying to hang on. If you’re going to attack a small business at least have the testicular fortitude to use your real name. Any low life hypocritical piece of crap can make blind statements to hurt people while cowardly hiding behind an alias online pen name.

I have never been in Virlie’s or Donaldson’s. I don’t know anyone who works or owns either. They are local Chatham businesses that need our support; so if you want to support their business it’s YOUR responsibility to wear a mask when you frequent them or any other business. It’s YOUR responsibility to take care of YOUR health. I hate wearing a mask and I have had issues doing so for years as I have a restrictive airway disease. I am not supposed to wear a mask but I wear masks when I know I will be in a tight group or in a high traffic area. I get winded so I try to make my trips indoors around others short and safe.

I’m not going to point a finger at anyone who isn’t wearing a mask. I’m not going to shame you or tell you something like you could kill grandma. I’m going to do what’s right for me and my family and feel that is what everyone should do. I suggest anyone not wanting to wear a mask reevaluate their thoughts on what they need to do to keep themselves and their family safe. Covid can be deadly but to 99% of us it’s not. The population is entering a phase of more testing. The more tests they do will show the level of viral saturation in the general population. I expect as tests are done in greater numbers to see the number of positive test results skyrocket as the saturation rate of the virus tops 80% but the actual number of deaths percentage wise to stay consistent or trend downwards. You can be afraid of everything and take offense to everything but in the end you’re only hurting yourself. It’s OK to be offended and be fearful of SOME things but not everything. I’m not afraid of Covid but I’m terrified of educated know it all control freaks. Just for the record, Goodnite Mark is my pen name, but by now all of you should know my real name is Mark Stinson. If I’m going to say something about someone or some business they will know its me. Everything will be OK. Everything will work out and sometime sooner than later we will be done with Covid. Right now we need to focus on our families, our community and supporting those who live in it.