Deliveries left at street

By Chris Garriss

Chatham County, NC – I have experienced packages left at mailbox, at the street and in the street. Mine were from Amazon, driver had stated he delivered to resident, I supplied photo to prove this incorrect. I filed a complaint with Amazon.

man in white t shirt and blue denim jeans standing beside white van
Photo by Artem Podrez

I have noticed Amazon trucks, FedEx, UPS and an unmarked truck rented from Penske delivering to my area all on the same day. The only ones that I have determined to be leaving packages at street is the contractor driving the Penske box van. USPS, UPS, FedEx, Amazon marked vehicles have all delivered to front door. The contractor has left things everywhere, including in the street. My USPS delivery person has by far been the best.

With the huge increase in online ordering all kinds of people are delivering on a contract or overflow basis. I have found that these guys are the worst. I make it a point to lodge a complaint for every delivery where the delivery report does not match the actual delivery or when a package is just apparently thrown out as driver passes by.

I have no problem with packages being left inside mailbox as long as they fit and the door is fully closed.

I would encourage all to file complaints with the organization you ordered from, and if you can identify the delivery person also complain to the delivery company. I have recently placed a “game camera” so that anyone that passes or stops at my mailbox will be recorded.