Woods Charter School now accepting applications for 2021-2022

Chapel Hill, NC – Woods Charter School is a K-12 school of 512 students in northern Chatham County that is open to all school-aged children in North Carolina.

Woods has small class sizes, a creative, dynamic, and dedicated faculty, a school culture where respect and civility rule, and learning is alive!

Woods Charter School admissions are based on a lottery that will be held February 1. Applicants need to apply between October 15 and January 15. (It takes only a minute to apply.)

You might not know that Woods is tuition free, has bus transportation, and offers a free and reduced lunch program. Most importantly, Woods is an amazing place for children to grow and learn.

Woods Charter School actively strives to be a community of faculty, students, and families of diverse backgrounds. Woods does not discriminate based on age, race, color, gender/gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, physical disability, family status, socioeconomic background, national or ethnic origin, or any other protected class in the administration of its policies and programs.

Go here for more information and to apply.

Please email Roz Grant, the Woods Charter admissions coordinator, if you have admissions questions.   

Admissions FAQ

How does the admission process work?
As a public charter school, we are required to conduct an admissions lottery annually for any openings we have in any grade.  Once admitted, the student may attend through the 12th grade without further application.  

What criteria/qualifications do students need to meet in order to be given a spot at Woods?
There are no requirements other than to reside in NC at the time of application.  For kindergarten, you must turn 5 on or before August 31st.

When can I apply?
The admission application is online from October 15th to January 15th every year, with the lottery being held the beginning of February.  This lottery creates the wait list for the following school year.  As openings arise, we use the yearly created lottery wait list to fill those openings.

I just missed the January 15th deadline…what can I do?  Is there any chance that you will accept a late application?
We cannot accept any late applications.  However, on February 1st, we will put the High School ONLY Application back online.  Applicants will then be added to the end of each grades’ wait list in the order in which they are received.

Can I tour the school?
School tours are conducted between October and January.  Every Fall, you can go online and sign up for a tour that best fits your schedule.

I currently live in another state but plan to move to NC this summer.  Can I apply?  
You must be a resident of NC at the time of application.  If you move during the summer, you will need to find another school for your child and apply for the following school year.

When will I hear where I am on the wait list?
After the lottery is conducted, the results will be posted on our website using the personal identifier number created on the application.  Each applicant will receive an email with notification that the results have been posted.

How many students are at Woods?
Grade K-2 have two classes of 16 students. 
Grades 3-4 have two classes of 18 students.  
Middle school has two classes of 20 students.   
High School class size varies depending on type of class offered, still keeping the low class size in accordance with our educational philosophy.  Each high school grade has 46 students.  We average 510 students in all.

Does Woods provide bus services?
Woods currently has three bus routes which go through Orange and Chatham Counties.  We do not offer door-to-door bus service, but instead pick up and drop off at safer, off-road locations such as Food Lion parking lots, where multiple children can board the bus.  In 2009, Woods implemented the Fair Share Program by which we ask that bus riding families share in the cost of providing this service.  The voluntary contribution amount is currently $2.00/ride.