Chatham County 4-Hers compete in Project Record Book competition

Pittsboro, NC – Congratulations to several Chatham County 4-Hers for winning medals for their Project Record Book submissions for 2019. Maddie Loops of the Chatham County Horsekateers won Gold with her Animal Science record book along with Caroline Lucas of the Horsekateers who won Bronze in Communication Arts. Natalie Wright of the Chatham Clover Creators won Silver in Citizenship and Civic Education, while Avery Wright of the Clover Creators won Silver in Communication Arts for the North Central District.

Using skills developed through keeping accurate records, 4-H members recount their progress of the previous year to measure their achievements and growth. There are many different categories to choose from when completing a project record book. We look forward to seeing what 2020 project record books reveal very soon.

Congratulations to all of the Chatham County winners.