Who offers the best cell phone service in Chatham County?

By Stephanie Talbott

Pittsboro, NC – I want to thank those who responded to my cell phone service inquiry in the Chatham Chatlist.  We have had a 20% “employee discount” with Verizon, contracted by my employer.  We pay $130/month, 2 lines, eight gigabyte of data.  There is no senior discount.  Needless to say, this is hardly any discount!

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Photo by Terje Sollie

Below are the comments from those of you who responded, without your identity, just in case others are interested in these comparisons: 

There is so much variation in cell service in Chatham.  I can tell you our experience, but we live over off Hanks Chapel near Johnny Burke Rd.  T-Mobile and Sprint (just purchased by T-Mobile) claim that we are in their service zone, but we cannot get a signal until we drive almost into town.

Verizon and AT&T work well for us.  We went with Consumer Cellular – they use Verizon and AT&T towers.  They also offer senior (AARP) discounts.  I get unlimited talk/text and 35GB data since we also have no ISP service and must use cellular data for computers.  Been very happy with the service. 

We used US Cellular out of Sanford. They were reliable and reasonable. We lived out off of 902 and US 421. Cell reception could be spotty there with Verizon. And yes, T-Mobile has dead spots. Good luck! 

I’ve had Sprint for at least 20 years—I live on N. Pea Ridge Road—now it looks like T-Mobile has bought Sprint—-I have had very satisfiable service the whole time—never any dropped calls, etc….and…have a very fair plan with them—everything is unlimited for less than $60.00 a month—– 

I can recommend Tracfone. You can get the cards for your cellphone at Walmart.
They use the AT&T network or the Verizon network.  When you choose your card , choose the network you want.  I use Verizon because I think it works best in Chatham.
I pay $15/ month and have cell phone, text and messaging .  I don’t use a lot of minutes though.  I’ve been using them for several years now and haven’t had any issues. 

We use T-Mobile and have a discounted plan for seniors.  Don’t know what you pay for Verizon, but we pay $60/month for two separate numbers.  Reception at our old house was not great. [out Hanks Chapel Road] Don’t know about your current location. It’s very good here at Fearrington. 

I use Consumer Cellular and love them . Good reception, great customer service and real good prices. Definitely check them out. A fellow Pittsboro resident.  We have two lines, unlimited text and phone and 10G of data for around $60 a month total  

We have used T-Mobile for 20+ years and have mostly been very pleased. 
There is a small dead zone at the Walmart on 15-501 and Smith Level Road and another one at the Fordham Blvd exit to 15-501 south. I don’t recall experiencing any others. 

Spectrum mobile uses Verizon towers and much less expensive – very satisfied with our move.  

I recommend checking out consumer cellular cell phone service. They operate both on the Verizon network, and on the T-Mobile network. You can choose to stay on the Verizon network but buy your service through consumer cellular and probably save a good bit of money. And if you are an AARP member you get a further discount.  

Good luck! It is always difficult to compare cell phone plans and get a good deal. But, we are pretty happy with consumer cellular. We have two phones on our plan for a total of about 50 some dollars a month for both. 

AT&T is very spotty on the Western side of Chatham. From my research US Cellular has the highest customer satisfaction.  I am a Tracfone customer with AT&T phone, the Verizon phone (still Tracfone) gets the best signal. 

I have consumers cellular. I have no complaints and it’s cheap!  Just like the commercials. Never had a dropped call. 

I had Sprint (TMobile) for several years here in Chatham & found no issues with service/reception anywhere. Under Sprint they had no senior discounts – don’t know now that they’ve merged w/ T-Mobile. I really haven’t heard of any cell provider that gives discount 

We use Ting. Basically online customer service, but real quick and easy. It’s one of those plans where you only pay for what you use. My wife and I pay as little as 18 per month for two phones. Also, they work with a couple networks. So, if you don’t get a strong enough signal with one network, they send you a different SIM card, free, to be able to access a different network. We’ve been using them for over five years. 

I accidentally found out about a Verizon plan that is literally $38.01 a month. It is a pay as you go plan, I also save $5 for e-billing and no contracts.

I get the same great coverage as the more expensive plans. I am not one that uses my phone as a computer so it works great for me. I don’t have many apps., if I want to get on those I make sure I am on Wi-fi and then it doesn’t add to my cost.

Thank you again… this has been very helpful!!!