Todd Roper sworn in as district court judge

By Gene Galin

Pittsboro, NC – Todd Roper was sworn in as district court judge on Friday afternoon in a ceremony that took place in front of the historic courthouse in Pittsboro.

Todd Roper is sworn in as a new district judge (photo by Gene Galin)

The swearing in ceremony started off with Roper’s law partner, Joshua Lee providing a few words about the judge to be. He recounted how they first met when he was interviewing for jobs in law school.

Judge Joseph Buckner, presided over the swearing in. Todd Roper rested his hand on a bible held by his wife, Kim Roper. He was accompanied by his three daughters Kelsey, Payton and Taylor.

After the swearing in, Judge Roper took a few moments to explain what kind of judge he would be and to thank an assorted number of people.

After the judge finished up his comments, his daughters assisted him in putting on his judicial robes while people took pictures.

Judge Roper and his three daughters. (photo by Gene Galin)

Governor Roy Cooper had named Christopher Todd Roper as the new District Court Judge for Judicial District 15B, which covers the two counties. Roper is filling the vacant seat left by Joseph Buckner, who retired in July after serving 25 years.

photo by Gene Galin

Roper has been a partner with Moody, Williams Roper & Lee, LLP, which is based out of Siler City and Pittsboro, since 1989. Roper attended and graduated from the University of Alabama on a football scholarship. He earned his juris doctorate degree from the Cumberland School of Law at Samford University.

Judge Todd Roper Swearing In Ceremony photo gallery.
(NOTE: Participants at the outdoor event wore masks. They removed them briefly for some of the pictures.)