Letter to the Editor: Vote for three veterans for Chatham County commissioner

By Terri Tyson

Pittsboro, NC – I am a concerned voter in Chatham County who moved to this beautiful county from Chapel Hill. Many of my neighbors moved here after their kids graduated from high school when they finally grew tired of the relentless and never ending tax increases. There seemed to be no end in sight to the frequent tax increases on private property, so we moved to Chatham County with high hopes for the future.

After three years, we now find taxes are being raised here too. Just last year, there was a triple tax whammy to citizens. Properties were reassessed, property taxes were increased, and on top of all that, the sales tax was increased. This is especially frustrating, since much of the sales tax collected erroneously flows to neighboring counties. This problem has not been solved.

Chatham County may gradually drift to becoming Orange County II, if we don’t take notice. So based on their position on issues, I am voting for the Team of Three Veterans for County Commissioner. They are Republicans who are against tax increases, stand for law and order, and listen to everyone in the county, not just those who live in densely populated sections.

Jimmy Pharr, Jay Stobbs, and Andy Wilkie (incumbent) are running as a team and they will get my vote. They placed signs in Spanish to reach out to the Hispanic community. They support law and order, which is a top priority for me and many others, considering what is happening in our country today. They realize wastewater issues in the county must be resolved in order to have smart development while protecting the health and safety of citizens and preserving the quality of our environment. When a solution is needed, they will listen to citizens and not say, “it’s not under my purview”.

Raising taxes is anti-business and anti-jobs and your taxes in Chatham County keep going up. This team will work for fiscal responsibility and they know our economy needs smart development to diversify the tax base and ease the burden on homeowners.

Vote for Jimmy Pharr, Jay Stobbs, and Andy Wilkie to represent all of us in Chatham County.