Pence family members make Team Trump campaign stop in Pittsboro

Pittsboro, NC – Greg Pence, the oldest brother of US Vice President Mike Pence was among the family members who made a Team Trump campaign stop in Pittsboro on Friday afternoon.

The Trump campaign bus rolled in front of the Chatham County Republican headquarters in Pittsboro around 4 pm. Greg, his wife Denise and his son, John and daughter-in-law Giovanna stepped out of the bus to an enthusiastic crowd of supporters.

John Pence kicked off the Team Trump rally in front of the Chatham Republican headquarters in Pittsboro on Friday afternoon.

John Pence kicked off the rally, but letting the enthusiastic crowd that ” we’re here because you all are here. That’s for president Trump, who needs four more years to put America first.”

He stated that the Republican party was formed in 1854 to “ensure that these God-given rights in our Constitution applied to all Americans of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness and chief among them. And faith, religious freedom, to worship and not be bound by government to tell us what to
do and not do.”

He added “President Reagan talked about how freedom is yet one generation away from extinction. Right? Well, I tell you all, we are that generation. Right now. We have 11 days to defend our freedoms. To continue to put America first and to keep America not just great, but to keep America, America.”

John’s mom, Denise spoke. She said that she was “worried about our country. The left, the radical left, want to defund the police and I want to
defend the police.”

“I’m a grandmother of eight. I’m a mother of four. I’m a small business owner and I don’t like what I see; all this destruction.”

Trump supporters at Friday’s rally in Pittsboro.

In his segment Greg Pence, an Indiana congressman pointed out that North Carolina was key to Donald Trump winning reelection.

He said that “the president and my brother is going to help this country get back on its feet. We’re going to get the economy running again. We’re going to fight those who want to defund the police, those that want to destroy our communities, take away our guns and burn down our cities if they can.”

After the members of the Pence family talked they mingled with the crowd signing autographs, taking pictures and answering questions.

Denise Pense talks about how she was an early supporter of President Trump.

John’s mom, Denise was one of the first in the Pence family to support Donald Trump. As a first-generation American she felt that he would defend many of the same values she had. She liked that he “didn’t sound like anybody else” and that he was a businessman and not a politician.

Greg Pence, brother of Vice President Mike Pence, signing an autograph.

After about an hour stop the bus pulled out to head towards Fayetteville for another rally.