Greg Stafford has big time plans for small town Pittsboro?

Pittsboro, NC – The Chatham Journal was able to get a hold of an email that Chatham County resident Greg Stafford sent to several select people within the community. We have verified that the email, drawings and the offer to purchase the downtown Pittsboro ABC store are legitimate.

Dear Chatham County Folks:

My wife and I are interested in purchasing the ABC store and property that borders our current SoCo project. We feel compelled to push the issue forward because we are very near beginning the Pittsboro SoCo project and it is very important that we do all stormwater, sewer and sidewalk, etc work at one time in order to keep the project financially viable. Making a deal on such short notice is difficult. We are making an offer that allows for transfer of ownership on an expedited basis but does not cause any sort of disruption in the business of the ABC store or the planning process of the move. We consider this offer to be a starting point and all of the assumptions are based on what we imagine the Town and ABC board would want. If we are wrong in our assumptions please let me know and we will try to adapt the proposal in a way that would benefit all parties.

To this end we propose the following terms for purchase of the downtown Pittsboro ABC store:

  1. Cash purchase price of $550,000.00 with purchase contract signing by the first of February, 2021.
  2. The ABC store would rent the current space back from us for $1250.00 per month for up to 5 years. This includes taxes and insurance on the building itself.  The ABC store can end the lease with 30 days notice at any time during those 5 years. This allows flexibility in timing for the move.
  3. At the end of the 5 year term the ABC store has an option for a 2 year option at the base rate plus CPI since the beginning of the first term.
  4. We will pay to extend the sidewalk from the termination of the Pittsboro Circle street scape to the corner of Sanford Road and West Chatham St.
  5. We will run sewer pipes to the rear of the ABC building for future use.
  6. We will add storm water handling lines to the rear of the ABC store in order to place stormwater into the system already approved for the SoCo project.
  7. We will re-imagine the parking area on the south side of the ABC store in order to make a more attractive parking lot and southern entrance in to Pittsboro.
  8. Arrange, if possible, to rewire the interior of the ABC store and remove the remaining powerline to the building resulting in the elimination of above ground power in the Southern entrance to Pittsboro from the ABC north on the west side of Sanford Rd.
  9. We will need a 6000 gallon sewer allocation within 3 months of the relocation of the ABC store.

Attached are drawings to help visualize the scope of the project. There is a current landscape design and a proposed design which includes the ABC site. I am happy to meet on site with anyone who wishes to have me explain the scope and intentions in person.

Thank you for considering our proposal and please let us know of any suggestions or alterations you may desire.


Greg Stafford