Vote early for local, state, and national Republican candidates

By Rolin G. Mainuddin

Pittsboro, NC – The fundamental notion of democracy is “rule by the people.” The voice of the people is captured by citizens voting in elections. Whereas people in Kuwait, Iran, and North Korea also vote, they are not considered democracies by Western standards. The difference is in “procedural democracy,” for which the critical criterion is multi-party elections. Within that context, the Republican Party candidates will compete for seats in the 2020 elections this November 3.

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One does not have to wait till the election day (November 3) to vote, however. October 15-31 are early voting days in Chatham County, North Carolina. The following six early voting sites will be open 8:00 AM – 7:30 PM for the aforementioned second half of October: [1] Goldston Town Hall, Goldston; [2] Paul Braxton Gymnasium, 115 S. 3rd Avenue, Siler City; [3] Chatham Agricultural Center, Route 64 Business, Pittsboro; [4] Carolina Central Community College (CCCC) Health Science Center, 75 Ballantrae Court, Pittsboro; [5] Governors Village, Bold Building, 41050 Moring Drive, Chapel Hill; and [6] New Hope Baptist Church, 531 New Hope Church Road, Apex.

The Chatham County Republican Party will have a tent at each of the above mentioned six early voting sites. Volunteers will be on hand in the Republican tent to distribute sample ballots for Republican candidates. In the interest of health safety, volunteers will not approach voters out in the open. Voters must come to the Republican tent for a sample ballot or with any question.

At the early voting site, one can either just vote or take advantage of one-stop registration and voting. For those just planning to vote, given the continued legal injunctions on the constitutional amendment passed in North Carolina in 2018, a photo ID is not required for the 2020 elections. In order to complete the registration process, however, a valid photo ID and two documentations of home street address (example: utility bill) are required.

It is important to vote for Republican candidates at all three levels of government: Chatham County, North Carolina, and the United States. In addition to the Presidential Ticket (Donald Trump and Michael Pence), U.S. Senate (Thom Tillis), and U.S. House of Representatives (Robert Thomas and Ted Budd), please, note the imperative of also voting for downhill ballots.

The Governor, state legislators, and state judiciary members can become important players in re-districting, which may also affect party seats at the national level. Thus, please, vote for Republican candidates for the Governor (Dan Forest), Lieutenant Governor (Mark Robinson), Attorney General (Jim O’Neill), and other executives (E. C. Sykes, for example), legislative (Tom Glendinning and George Gilson, Jr.), and judicial (Paul Newby, Phil Berger, Jr., Tamara Barringer, and others) candidates at the state level.

By the same token, at the Chatham County local level, it is a must to vote for Republican candidates to the Board of Commissioners (Jay Stobbs, Jimmy Pharr, and Andy Wilkie) and Board of Education (Ryan Armstrong and Dennis Lewis).