Enjoy a virtual tour of the Pollinator Paradise Garden in Pittsboro

By Debbie Roos

Pittsboro, NC – Pollinator Paradise is a Demonstration Garden created by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension, Chatham County Center. Agriculture Agent Debbie Roos designed the garden to provide forage from early spring to late fall for pollinators such as native bees, honey bees, butterflies, flower flies, hummingbirds, beetles, and other beneficial insects. The garden features over 220 unique species of perennials, 85% of which are native to North Carolina.

The garden is a great teaching tool and is used to conduct workshops and tours for hundreds of folks each year. Tours and workshops are temporarily suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic but visitors are allowed to come on their own if they practice adequate social distancing.

Since I am not currently able to give in-person tours, I created a virtual tour for folks to enjoy, comprised of video and photos I took in September from the garden. Normally a face-to-face tour lasts about an hour and obviously I can’t show everything in a virtual tour, but I highlighted some of my favorite plants and tried to show different parts of the garden.

Take a virtual tour of the Pollinator Paradise Garden to see what it looked like in September.

Click to view the other virtual garden tour videos.

See a list of plants blooming in the pollinator garden. The list is updated bi-weekly. Currently, there are over 60 species in bloom!

Visit the Pollinator Paradise Garden website for lots of photos and plant lists and other resources.