About voting and Phase 3

By Bill Crawford

Pittsboro, NC – A couple of unrelated things I want to bring up in one post, if I can indulge.

First off, I advised many people here along the way to apply for an absentee ballot, if they were in the least worried about what the COVID world would be like when voting started and that they could always leave it at home and vote in person anyway.

My correction on this is to say that this would all make the already herculean tasks of the Chatham Board of Elections even harder. My new advice is to vote “in person” with your completed absentee ballot; either inside or at the curbside service available at any early voting or Election Day site. You will get your vote in immediately and not leave them with the added burden of verifying that you haven’t voted twice.

My second observation regards Governor Cooper’s Exec Order 169, the implementation of Phase 3 that started last Friday. One part of that allows bars to finally open, albeit at 50% capacity outdoors only, which makes them a seasonal business. The curious part is continuing the 11 pm curfew, which with restaurants that served liquor was presented as a need because people would stop eating by then and restaurants after 11 pm would start acting like bars. Is the expectation of newly open bars that after 11 pm, they would start operating like…..bars?