Amazon delivery from Amazon trucks in Chatham County

By Don Wollum

Pittsboro, NC – Amazon has deployed mid-sized delivery vans in Chatham County. At least at our rural home.

We were surprised they drove right to our ground level basement door and left a Amazon box for goods we ordered from Amazon.

What’s up with this, we have a 16″ chain secured gate, signage for dogs in the yard, and a cedar and shingles built upon a pallet up on bricks to keep all packages dry and pallet painted with enamel paint to have drivers get no splinters.

We called Amazon and only had was delivery OK or not, no box to write why.

Next day we locked gate and driver called and was nice and we explained what a nice exterior to the fence delivery box we had, and dogs can on occasion get loose and run away. He said OK got it.

We live 150 yards inboard of the fence trough trees and do not appreciate deliveries to the basement of front door.

As these trucks look like the Google trucks that photographed every home in the world without permission and put our property and home on Google Maps and Google Earth.

Is Jeff Bezos of Amazon, privately also snooping and taking GPS mapping and drone delivery pictures and co-ordinates for future drone deliveries? At our front door? With no consent?

Future may be here. My permission and or notification of any snooping is not what I would sign up for or approve.