Hey, Chatham County School Board! We are not OK with remote learning

By Katie Henry

Pittsboro, NC – Thank you Mr. Moore for posting the letter from your daughter about remote learning not working for many children. Her experience with her own children with the learning struggles, frustration and even the headaches are spot on for my children as well. Her words expressed exactly how a lot of us are feeling and we are not the minority in these thoughts. We are just the ones who quietly trust in our elected officials to do what is best for our schools and our children.

photo by Ksenia Makagonova

But enough is enough, time for us to be heard. Chatham County School Board, administration and educators, we are not OK. I hope others will follow Cara Fulkerson’s lead and write to the school board. I think they need to not only listen to science, data and experts but from those who are living it day in and day out.

I invite any of the board members, administrators or teachers to come spend a day on this side of the zoom classroom. I agree with Ms. Fulkerson that we are the minority in that our children are very fortunate to have what they have and the parents to support them. I know there are so many other families out there that do not have this same dynamic and probably feel they have no voice. We all grew up in a “No Child Left Behind” world, where is that sentiment now?

I know there are some reading this and shaking their heads saying how can I feel this way when we are in the middle of a pandemic. Am I not scared or understand how serious Covid can be for some?

I look forward to seeing those same people (from a safe distance, wearing a mask) when we are at Food Lion, Lowe’s or Target. I would like them to explain to the countless amounts of teenagers who can work there day in and day out since March with just a mask and some plexiglass for safety and then explain to them why they can not learn and thrive in a school building.

This can be done safely and in the best interest for our children.