Children need to get back to face to face education

By Jack Moore

Pittsboro, NC – Food for thought! If NASCAR, grocery store workers, gas stations workers, auto parts stores, etc. are considered as essential workers, shouldn’t educators be essential workers to provide safe, face to face contact with our youth?

photo by Mike Fox

My wife and I were teachers and administrator in a large public school district in Ohio for 30 years. Students need that face to face contact with teachers and friends for there well being and educational development.

Maybe we should allow teachers and students who want that safe face to face contact, to safely make that happen. The teachers and students who want to learn online can also be accommodated. Let them have a choice.

I know a lot of young families that are having trouble because both parents work. Elementary age kids are struggling with lack of good internet, good computers. etc. Boards of Education and Administrators need to step up. I wonder if this is becoming political?

My daughter’s 4th grade child in Wake county didn’t even know that she was going to have to teach remotely unto two days before school started. That is ridicules, Someone dropped the ball. These children need to get back to face to face education (in a safe way). I know it can be done. If not, get Board Members that can make this happen.

My grandson is struggling with this on-line learning and needs intervention; but can’t get it. By the end of the day he is crying because of the work load in front of the computer all day (eight hours) and lack of good internet.

My daughter was a teacher, before becoming a stay-at-home mom and also working remotely. She is also stressed with this remote learning and trying to work from home along with trying to help her kids with school. She is seriously thinking of home schooling because she doesn’t went to lose her little boy who is frustrated with school by the end of the long day. If more families start to pull there kids out of public school for private schools or home schooling the public schools lose there funding and that isn’t good.

Another frustration is that the “hot spot” Chatham County Schools provided for her family didn’t work.

Are there more families out there dealing with the frustration and feeling that their children are falling behind?