IMHO: Mask up and shut up

By Douglas Sedlak

Pittsboro, NC – Comrades, Achtung to this Manifesto.

Highly respected Atlantic Magazine recently published an opinion piece by
influencer, thought leader Derek Thompson.  His opinion has backing from a scientist.  Follow the science, and as the title says: Mask Up and Shut Up

health workers wearing face mask
Photo by cottonbro

But another behavioral tactic hasn’t received enough attention, in part because it makes itself known by its absence. That tactic is silence.

Yes, it is finally time to talk, in this pandemic, about the importance of
not talking in this pandemic.

“Every route of viral transmission would go down if we talked less, or talked less loudly, in public spaces,” Jose L. Jimenez, a professor at the University of Colorado at Boulder, who studies disease transmission, told me. “This is just a very clear fact. It’s not controversial.”

Silence is golden as an antiviral strategy because of how this disease spreads.

Australia is serious about masks; we must emulate them: YouTube Video

Recall a Chatham County official here recently recommending additional anti-Covid measures to safely have “sizzling summer fun”.  Here was one.  Be careful, it is not impossible a verbal greeting could endanger yourself and others.

“For example, don’t shake hands, do elbow bumps, or give hugs. Instead wave and verbally greet them.”

Recall too I advocated even sterner anti-Covid measures.  I was WRONG. I
admit it.  I apologize.  Some were:

11. If you wave, wave slowly to minimize air perturbation.
12. If verbally greeting, don’t yell.  Whispering minimizes air
13. Ask guests to leave if they don’t bring face coverings.
14. If guests without face coverings won’t leave, consider leaving yourself..
15. Use hand sanitizer like it’s going out of style.
16. Avoid large gatherings.  If possible any gatherings.  Consider
hunkering alone.

To anyone that might have contracted a dreadful and potentially fatal case
of Covid-19, I apologize for suggesting whispering.  The science now
indicates whispering may be dangerous.

Citizens of Chatham County, MASK UP AND SHUT UP!

Consider hunkering alone too.  The science says any contact with fellow
humanoids could potentially be fatal.  Worse than fatal to you, it could be
fatal to them, if you are an asymptomatic super carrier (in common
parlance, a walking/talking Covid-19 Weapon of Mass Destruction).

As The Atlantic says, “Yes, it is finally time to talk, in this pandemic,
about the importance of not talking in this pandemic.”  BUT TALK TO

Thanks for listening and I pray you don’t contract “virtual” Covid-19
reading this.  Computers transmit viruses too.

Yours in Collectivism.
Comrade, Supreme Commander, and Reich Chancellor Fuhrer,
Douglas “Karl Marx” Sedlak