If memory serves me

By N.A. Booko

Pittsboro, NC – I can’t recall just when I first heard about those memory pills. Pills to keep you from forgetting to remember. If memory serves me, it was about three years ago. I forget just when. But I do remember I was very excited to think now, at last, I would remember not to forget.

black and white photos of toddlers
Photo by Rodolfo Clix

Seems to me, but don’t quote me, only one store in Siler City had them on the shelf. I don’t recall which store. Nor do I remember the name of the pills. But ye gads, I do remember that they cost $60 for thirty pills; not even enough to supply a regular day per month. Forget it!

I haven’t the foggiest idea how I have survived without them this long. I do remember that unforgettable day, alto it is not too clear, when I discovered there were ‘knock off’ brand memory pills available. It eludes me as to how long they have been around. Mental lapse can sometimes be very annoying. I draw a blank remembering now just how many brands offer something similar at a much lower price. I do remember that most of the brands have the herb Spearmint as one of the main ingredients. I remember always getting a ‘mini’ high when i chewed gum with that flavor. Don’t chew gum any more, so that feeling stopped decades ago.

I’ve been taking the cheapest brand of memory pills for now maybe ten days and have seen some difference in my ability to remember not to forget. Except that some times I forget if I have remembered to take my daily dose.

Remember when we used to think we were just tiny beings on planet Earth? Only now to discover that Earth may be just a drop of rain on the lapel of a giant inter-galactic policeman walking a regular beat. I can’t pin down or recall just where I heard that. But if that cop has well fitted shoes and his feet don’t hurt, he won’t take it out on us.