The political season gears up in Chatham County

By Bill Crawford

Pittsboro, NC – A couple of things to get out of the way up front:

1) Chatham County Commissioners represent their districts, but voting is “at large.” Everybody in Chatham votes for every commissioner on the ballot.

2) Sending for an absentee ballot and receiving one does not obligate you to vote that way, you can decide to vote in person and leave it at home. I advocate getting one as insurance, if you are the least bit worried about what the voting world will look like two months from now. You can get an application online here.

The question of the day is, have we taken a look at our new property tax statements? Those of you who live anywhere near Chatham Park, how has your new mandated home assessment, multiplied by the higher tax valuations passed by the Democrats last year done for you? In light of that, are you wondering anew why they pushed so hard to raise our sales tax last March?

If it wasn’t bad enough they decided to sneak it on to the March Primary ballot, where they thought the lower turnout would give them a better shot at passing it, they justified it by saying that most of the surrounding counties had a higher sales tax. To me, that is like trying to win an ugliest dog contest. At any rate, I’m guessing that Democrats Dasher, Howard and Flores will be running on a pledge of no new taxes (no, we really mean it).

This is sort of the same way they ran through county wide zoning and the removal of the courthouse statue: hear all the complaints, read the petitions and then immediately move to vote.

We need to get a county government that listens to everybody. We need to acknowledge that the rural part of Chatham County may need to be managed a tad differently than the suburban Northern part. We need to stop paying for that box in Greensboro where they are hiding our statue and get private funding to find a place to put it back up.

Jay Stobbs, George Gilson Jr, Andy Wilkie, Tom Glendenning, Jimmy Pharr
Chatham County Republican candidates

We need to show some compassion for the Democrat Commissioners and promote them from public servant to citizen and lessen the pressure in their lives. We need to vote for Jay Stobbs, Jimmy Pharr and Andy Wilkie for Commissioner this year, We need a government for everyone, not just those that agree with us.