Fund local law enforcement

By Douglas Sedlak

Pittsboro, NC – It’s been my pleasure to interact with local law enforcement, specifically the Chatham County Sheriff’s office. Total professionals spearheaded by Sheriff Roberson and Chief Gardner. 

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Photo by Pixabay

Taking nothing away from Roberson and rest of the staff, Gardner is impressive, a Marine lauded by the NAACP as a humanitarian.  I’ve talked on a couple occasions with the Chief, an impressive public servant helping give us as taxpayers the best local law enforcement possible (within budget and reason).

It is my understanding that law enforcement funding has not kept pace with county population growth.

Join me in requesting our Chatham County commissioners to increase law enforcement funding with focus on additional personnel. I am careful with money, but this modest additional expenditure is a no-brainer that will benefit all responsible county residents.

Start by emailing me, and we’ll move forward from there. My modus operandi is to “get it done” versus “stewing around.” Thus I don’t envision this a time-sink for you.