Joyful Jewel will be closing at the end of August

by Mariah Wheeler

Pittsboro, NC – You may already know this, but I am retiring at the end of August. I know that some will believe that we are closing because of a hard year — the protests which are still continuing and the pandemic that closed us for a couple of months, and even now days of the week. It is true this has been difficult and also true that the Joyful Jewel has never had an easy time financially. We have persevered throughout and probably could have continued. So, these are not the reasons we are closing.

(photo by Gene Galin)

I had started planning this last Fall when I had my 70th birthday. Prior to that I thought I was never going to retire. I had planned a big birthday celebration and had to cancel it due to some unforeseen health issues that turned out not to be such a big deal. Along with this seminal birthday I began thinking of what I wanted the senior years of my life to be like. It was a difficult decision because, as you know, I have so very much loved being proprietor of the Joyful Jewel. I loved knowing each of the artists and each of the loyal patrons, sharing their wonderful creations, and loved being a part of Pittsboro in this way. Every day I am amazed at the beauty and excellence that we have created together. I feared I might be letting the artists, patrons, and Pittsboro down, yet had fervently hoped that a group of artists would come forward to continue the Joyful Jewel. I can only describe my desire for retirement as “wanting to have more space in my life.” The Joyful Jewel is delightful and fulfilling, yet it is hard work too.

What happened is that the artists that came forward had their own vision of a gallery. It really isn’t a continuation of my dream, but a new vision.

I am not moving away or even planning to travel, so it is my intention and desire to cross paths with all my friends and colleagues.

If you have a gift certificate do come in to spend it before the end of August.

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