On a seemingly endless quest for hand sanitizer

by Liz Cullington

Pittsboro, NC – Chatham Marketplace has hand sanitizer you can buy in any quantity if you bring your own container and I think it’s unscented. Yay! You can also buy a larger counter sized dispenser there if you need one and fill it. If you take your own container to refill ask the cashier on the way in if you need to have your container weighed first. For such things I put a bit of masking tape on my container so they can write the weight on there (it’s called the “tare” and means you don’t pay for the weight of the container). However many containers don’t weigh much.

photo by Kelly Sikkema

Chatham Marketplace is in Chatham Mills at the top of the hill north of the Pittsboro Circle. Masks are required, they have some for sale.

If you want to get refills for smaller empty hand sanitizer containers that you haven’ thrown away (oops) a thoroughly rinsed squeeze bottle works if you don’t have an empty one with a pump top.

I’ve been trying to keep a partially filled bottle of rubbing alcohol and clean cleaning rag in the car so I can wipe off gas pump handles and key pads. Same at the ATM, keypad and touch screen, before and after use. In mid-March I had to go to the laundromat dryer and I cleaned off the change machine drawer.

Since I sometimes have teary eyes my eye doctor scolded me for wiping them with a tissue from my pocket, and that was before Covid. So since then I keep a tissue or two in my right pocket for my eyes, and tissues or hanky in my left pocket if I have to blow my nose.

Since I didn’t have any hand sanitizer before or from early March until late May I have had to depend on (proper method) hand washing. This includes first thing as I enter a grocery store, Walgreens etc, and as soon as I get home. That rag and alcohol in the car seems to work for cleaning ones fingers in a pinch. Though I suppose for fingers as well as surfaces you need to leave the surface wet for thirty seconds.