Siler City: A town that doesn’t deliver…

by Christopher Havel

Siler City, NC – Siler City is a town that doesn’t deliver. At least from restaurants.

Recently, Elizabeth’s Pizza here in Siler City had delivery services going, but as soon as they reopened their dining area they dropped it like a hot potato.

This makes me sad. They’d finally managed, over the past several months, to get their pizza so that it was way better than Domino’s (full disclosure: I haven’t tried their pasta again yet) — their food, in the past, seemed pretty bland to me, but at least with the pizza, they’ve gotten a lot better.

But I don’t drive, by choice — I have Asperger’s, and there’s rather a lot to that that isn’t necessarily spoken about on TV, including the issues that keep me off the road — so I don’t get that option any more. I want to give them my money, but I can’t.

Many other restaurants, including fast food places, now work with food-delivery companies such as Postmates, DoorDash, and Grubhub. But not in Siler City, because we don’t have them here.

We don’t really even have Uber or Lyft — which, I daresay, would give Chatham Transit a much-needed run for their money. Ah, but that’s Facebook gossip material and I’m not doing that here because I’m not a hypocrite.

There was one mention I saw on Facebook (it came up in a Google Search and I didn’t need a login to see it) of an independent-sounding company… of course it was one single post from something like 5+ years ago… called the number and it was disconnected.

If anyone around here wants to take up restaurant delivery, either independently or otherwise, please let me know. I will drown you in business to the fullest extent that my meager finances permit.

If you’re independent (including Uber/Lyft type services, not just restaurant delivery) and want some advertising graphics, I’m an amateur graphic artist. I could probably take that on and I’d be quite likely to do so cheap or free.

But, either way, I’d like to see more of that here, and I really don’t understand why it’s not in the town already — even for people who do drive, it would be an incredible convenience.

Can we have that, please?