Do masks prevent viral infection?

by Taylor Kish

Pittsboro, NC – No.  I’ve seen so many masks worn improperly (e.g. poor fitting, wrong kind). Coronavirus can attach to our eyeballs, hands, skin, hair, clothing. The coronavirus is less than one micron. Coronavirus can float right through the fibers in almost all masks like you walk through a garage door. Coronavirus can stick and accumulate to the fibers in your mask, scarf, balaclava, etc. and break free later.

photo created by freepik

HEPA filters that filter out 99 percent of the air that flows through that filter miss most of the viruses we are exposed to every day.

We’ve been told our whole lives wearing a mask will not keep you from being infected. We’ve been told again and again to wash our hands and don’t touch our faces. Thinking a mask will “keep you safe,” or the lack of one will kill somebody, is irrational.

We’ve become immune to a lot of bugs over 100,000 generations. God gave us bugs and viruses. Stay home if you are at greater risk. Eighty percent of those infected and positive in New York City were staying home. Wearing masks and gloves reduces our immune systems. Our immune systems become “lazy”; less challenged so less effective. Our immune systems need to be challenged all the time or we become more susceptible.

If everyone in America wore masks, washed their hands, never touched their faces, practiced social distancing, sterilized every surface, we will still be exposed to viruses and infection and we would more likely succumb.

Dr. Dykers can remember the Hong Kong Flu in 1968 accompanied by Dr. Paul Ehrlich warning of the “population bomb.” 52 years later Dr. Ehrlich is still wrong. If one virus don’t get ya, the next one. . .might. . .not?

Masks have become a terribly effective declaration of FEAR. Fear of sickness and death which have been with us from before the beginning.  I recommend we let go of the fear, set our hearts and minds, eyes and ears on God, and walk boldly into the sunlight like a child of God. A good attitude and laughter are often the best preventive medicine.