We should reopen schools in the fall

By Kevin Roche

People in Minnesota, and probably other states are anxiously waiting for some decision on school openings.  It is critical for children and for working parents to know now what the plan is. Every study of the “distance learning” approach finds it was a miserable failure, with many children just completely checking out. As is always the case, low-income and minority children, who need educational excellence the most, are hurt the worst by this stupidity.  

Every study finds that children are at very, very low risk for getting infected and have virtually non-existent risk for a serious illness. Studies have now concluded as well that they aren’t significant transmission agents. Every government that has studied the issue has concluded it is safe, indeed mandatory, to send children back to school. Where they have gone back to school, there has been no impact on infections, among the children or the communities they live in. There is literally, absolutely zero evidence that would support keeping them at home.

So what are our power-mad Governors waiting for? This is simply an obscene power-grab and it is causing unnecessary anxiety for parents and children. If I were the parent of school age children, I would be suing right now to insist that my children be provided an education, especially since we all keep paying the taxes that are supposed to support those schools.