Let’s try kindness

by Joan Triplett

Pittsboro, NC – I’ve read so many conflicting opinions on why to wear a mask or not to wear a mask that my head is spinning. Actually there seems to be only two opinions but repeated over and over. I say wear a simple cloth mask according to CDC guidelines if you care about others, when you are in public.  If you don’t care about others, or don’t believe it’s a risk, don’t wear it. It’s a personal choice. 

photo by jcomp

But….. please stop calling each other names. Really do we need to become school ground bullies about it? 

I will wear a mask because I feel more comfortable about it. It’s my choice to do so. I appreciate those who also wear a “facial covering”.

Now isn’t that a nicer sounding term than mask? I thought so. 

By the way there are good instructions for making a facial covering (mask) on the web site for the CDC. Search for facial mask use Covid-19. Just scroll down and you will see a sewn one and a simple t-shirt no sewing required.

Let’s go about our days with kindness. Remember that you don’t know why a person is wearing that facial covering or not wearing it. I appreciate it if you can and will because this virus is real. There are high risk people who have to go out to work and have no one to buy supplies out there in the current situation.

Covid-19 may be used as a tool by politics, and it may have bogus reported  numbers, but the one fact is, that it is contagious and people have died or been sicker than I care to be.

Thanks for reading my opinion and please don’t start calling me names.

I hope and pray you don’t get sick or lose someone you love to this virus.  I have and it hurts.