Chatham County Schools gets keys to Chatham Grove, Savage shaping staff

Pittsboro, NC – Chatham County has handed the proverbial keys for Chatham Grove Elementary School to Chatham County Schools. The school system received its certificate of occupancy for the building May 8. 

Dr. Larry Savage at Chatham Grove Elementary School

Chatham Grove is on schedule to open this fall. Dr. Larry Savage, the school’s principal, is assembling a staff of individuals to bring their expertise and personal touches to the learning spaces and cafeteria and office areas at 1301 Andrews Store Road. The classrooms already have cubbies, and empty bookcases in the media center are wide open like arms ready to receive the volumes of stories that will transport the school’s first cohort to all manner of places. 

“We’re going to have space here for whole-class instruction. We’ll have space for students to sit and read on their own, and then a collaboration center,” Savage said. “My vision for the media center is developing a love of reading — that is, above all, what we need to do here. We want kids to be excited about reading and excited about books, and everything we do in this media center will be to that end.”

Green-themed brush strokes on Chatham Grove’s walls give the place an outdoors feel. A body of water is painted on the floor of the school, so it’s like a river runs through it. When the doors open for students and the first school bell rings, the natural vibe will — well, it’s no stretch to say the school’s mascot will feel right at home.