Consider the greater good of donating your congressional support check to those in need

by Don Wollum

Pittsboro, NC – The unprecedented business and meeting closures have caused hardships and furloughs and layoff for many family providers as hairdressers, dinner workers entertainment and non-essential retail facilities. To support the rapid closing of business and jobs across America with the CV19 flu pandemic, US Congress acted fast with direct to individual cash assistance around $1,200 for family.

photo by Sharon McCutcheon

Consider this analogy: cruise liner suddenly sinks, Coast Guard decides to gather ample number of life preservers, Loads a helicopter and drops $450,000,000 in the area the boat sank. In CV19 employment more than half were working from home or safely at work still receiving weekly income, and the fast Congressional response where everyone gets a check, will arrive as a windfall on top of normal economic providence. On the cruise ship, many will have secured a life boat, have saved for a floatation device on their own.

American stories abound in tragic circumstances to place forward the water flotation device to someone without a flotation device still struggling in the water, struggling with providing food and housing and over the counter medical needs.

With silent selfless valor, would you look to your community and friends’ families who are in need and consider the greater good of your donating that congressional support check to those in need.

Thanks for the consideration of this idea, directing much needed direct support using a better and true method or distribution of support that will do the most good.

Look for county and charitable agencies and churches to guide and direct your donation if you so choose.

The good works you could do for many are becoming known and appreciated by all.