We found an online petition to reopen Jordan Lake state park before July 1

Pittsboro, NC – At the beginning of May, North Carolina’s state parks announced the plan to increase recreational access and services beginning May 9.

In Chatham County, the Jordan Lake State Recreation Area reopening plan includes the following three phase approach: Phase I (May 9), Phase II (May 22) & Phase III (July 1). (See story)

In Phase I, Robeson Creek canoe access and boat ramp re-opened for public use.

In Phase II, several campgrounds would open. No additional boat ramps are scheduled to be reopened in this phase.

It’s not until Phase III, that the rest of the park facilities would open including – Park Office/Visitor Center, Ebenezer Boat Ramp, Ebenezer Day Use Area, Seaforth Boat Ramp, Seaforth Day Use Area, New Hope, Parker’s Creek Day Use Area, Vista Point and White Oak. All hiking trails, all picnic areas, all picnic shelters, all boat ramps, all beach areas, group campsites, primitive campsites, Poplar Point campground Loop E, Parker’s Creek campground Loops 3 and 4

Apparently this schedule does not meet with some people’s satisfaction.

(photo on the Reopen Jordan Lake before July 1 petition page)

A individual by the name of Christian O’Hara has started an online petition to get the Jordan Lake area reopened before that date. The petition is addressed to the attention of Governor Roy Cooper, Park Superintendent for Jordan Lake Mole Shederick, plus state representatives Robert T. Reives and Valerie P. Foushee.

It appears that the petition started earlier this week and at the time of this story there were 170 signatures.

(Note: At the time of this story, we have not yet been able to locate and make contact with “Christian O’Hara.” – CJ Editor)

The text of the petition states:

Waiting to Open Jordan Lake Recreational Area until July 1st is Unacceptable!

NC State Parks has stated two reasons why the ramps and trails at Jordan Lake can not be opened at this time.

  • “Prior to closing the park, many people who were not boating were parking at these ramps and congregating in the nearby day-use areas.”
  • “Park visitors have asked could the parks be open, but close the bathrooms. We have tried that approach and the public started urinating and defecating next to and around our bathroom facilities creating another health hazard.”

Neither of these reasons justifies keeping the ramps and trails closed. Denying access to everyone because a few people might break the rules is unAmerican, illogical, and unfair.  

If we can be trusted to stay 6′ apart and use the restrooms in hardware stores, grocery stores, ABC stores, post offices, police stations, and the like. We can be trusted to do the same in State-Run Parks and Recreational areas as well.  

We encourage you to promptly reevaluate your schedule for opening ALL of the ramps and trails at Jordan Lake.  Perhaps including some folks that are impacted by your decisions in the process will help you be more empathetic to the chaos and risks that your poor decisions are creating.  


North Carolina Tax Payers