Seaforth High attendance zone on next Chatham County school board meeting agenda

Pittsboro, NC – The Chatham County Board of Education will meet electronically at 5:30 p.m. May 11. The remote setup allows for social distancing to limit the spread of COVID-19. 

2020 Chatham County School Board

The general public may view the meeting on a live video stream at

The board will receive public comments through email sent to with “public comment” in the subject line. The comments will be read aloud during the meeting. The deadline to submit comments is 3 p.m. May 11. 

Written comments will be time-stamped and read aloud in the order received during the public comment portion of the meeting. Based on average speaking rates for a three-minute period, each comment will be limited to 400 words. Comments in excess of 400 words may not be read in their entirety. Comments must be received within the timeframe designated above to be read aloud during the meeting. It is recommended that citizens draft their submissions ahead of time so they are ready at the time of submission.

All of the Board’s normal rules of order and decorum for public address apply to comments submitted by recording or in writing. The Chair may rule written comments out of order in the same manner as spoken comments.

Seaforth High School Construction (4.28.20)

Mr. Chris D. Blice, Chief Operations Officer, and Mr. Thomas Dudley, Program Manager, Operations Research and Education Laboratory (OREd) NC State University will be leading the presentation on the Seaforth High School Attendance Zone.

Scenario 5-Pollard Middle attendance zone to Northwood and the Horton Middle/Moncure School attendance zones to Seaforth. (Briar Chapel/surrounding area to Northwood and Chatham Park/surrounding area to Seaforth.)

The purpose of the presentation to present key points and an additional scenario (#5) related to the to be determined Seaforth High School Attendance Zone, to respond to Board of Education questions and to gather Board of Education requests for additional information/tasks

These scenarios all show similar total benefits with all scenarios scoring 7-8 total.
The major distinction between scenarios 1-3 vs. 4-5 is the emphasis on clean feeder patterns in scenarios 4-5

At the April 20 meeting, Chris Blice and Thomas Dudley shared findings from the community input sessions and survey for Seaforth High School attendance zones. Four preliminary boundary scenarios were presented, including one created as a response from participant feedback from the survey. Board members requested to add identifying markers for Highway 15-501 and Highway 64 to the scenario maps. They asked that the bus routes in each scenario not impact the length of the current longest bus route for Northwood High School.

The information included as attachments was requested or discussed at the April 20 Chatham County Board of Education Meeting. View those here.

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I. Call to Order

II. Welcome of Visitors

III. Moment of Silence

IV. Pledge of Allegiance

V. Adoption of Agenda

VI. Public Comments

VII. Consent Agenda

A. Orange Enterprise Memorandum of Understanding

B. Troxell Communications Contract for Chatham Grove Elementary School

C. Alternative Accountability Model Options 2020-2021 for SAGE Academy

D. 2020-2021 Board of Education Meeting Calendar

E. April 20, 2020 meeting minutes

VIII. Superintendent’s Announcements/Comments

IX. New Business

A. Grading Guidelines for Grades K-11

B. Schematic Design Package for New Central Services Building

X. Old Business

A. Seaforth High School Attendance Zone

XI. Closed Session

A. Approval of Closed Session Minutes: April 20, 2020

B. Student Records: 143-318.11(a)(1)

C. Attorney/Client Discussion: 143-318.11(a)(3)

D. Personnel: 143-318.11(a)(6)

XII. Return to Open Session

XIII. Personnel Agenda

XIV. Adjournment