Some miscellania coronavirae

By Kevin Roche

If you haven’t seen the Bill Maher video on the absurd paranoia about coronavirus across the country, you must watch it.  (Maher Video)   Once again, too much sense for our policymakers.  But maybe if more people keep saying this we will get some sanity.

(Image by Yaroslav Danylchenko)

And here is another reality-based perspective.  (ZH Column)   The author uses many of the same CDC statistics, and some state ones, to make the same point I have made, for most people the risk from coronavirus is far less than their risk from a hundred other causes.  And the economic damage we are doing is underappreciated.

And a physician writes a column about the need to get back to some normalcy, in large part because of the decimation of the health system and patients fear of getting needed health care.  (Hill Column)   There are a number of studies now emerging about the effect on health of missing screenings and treatments, often for serious chronic diseases or conditions like cancer.  This is going to show up in the statistics soon.  He makes a series of specific recommendations, including opening schools and businesses.