Preparation is 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

by Andy Foshee

Pittsboro, NC – The last storm reminds us that emergency situations can happen any time – even in the middle of another crisis!  As we move into the summer storm season – especially including hurricanes – don’t forget to keep in mind preparation you could be doing to keep yourself and your family safe.  At the same time, consider how you may need to tweak your plans if we’re still in the middle of this Covid-19 epidemic.

Preparations are often as simple as some extra food and water (in clean, secure containers), a first aid kit, and an actual plan on how to respond to what may happen.  Don’t forget a communications plan – how you’re going to keep in touch, who’ll be your point person out of the area or even out of state who’ll take messages in case you can’t reach local family, etc.

If you’ve already set up a safety kit, now might be a good time to check expiration dates, batteries, storage containers, lists, etc. and see what needs to be added, replaced, or updated.  Even if you cannot get these emergency supplies this week because of the quarantine-in-place order, having the list puts you in the know of what you have vs what you need.  And remember, it doesn’t take much money or storage space – a 12-pack of oatmeal isn’t expensive, but it’ll feed a family of four three times!

It is important to remember that in the event of a large emergency our brave first responders will likely be overwhelmed, and it could take hours or days for them to get to you.  By taking a little time and effort today, you could prevent yourself from being a victim in the future.  That helps you, it helps the first responders (especially now), and by extension it helps the community.  It also may free you up to help your neighbors if and when the time comes.

CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) is a free-to-join organization, conducts free educational monthly meetings (virtual ones these days) which are open to any and all.  For more information you can visit our website at , or sign up for our monthly email list by sending an email to  .

To get emergency notifications directly from Chatham County, please sign up for Code Red, or look for their various social media pages, which are updated frequently – such as

Our Mission:  The Chatham Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) delivers education and training for Chatham County residents on emergency and disaster preparedness, and when activated, supports, to the extent of their training, Chatham County emergency response under the direction of Chatham County Emergency Management officials and local incident commanders.

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