All Laurels of Chatham residents and staff being tested for COVID-19

Pittsboro, NC – Layton Long, Chatham County Public Health Director, released the following statement late Friday evening:

“UNC Health, the Chatham County Public Health Department and The Laurels of Chatham are working together to test all residents and staff of The Laurels of Chatham for COVID-19. A team of health care workers collected samples from residents and staff on April 10, 2020, after six people associated with the facility tested positive earlier in the week.

The Chatham County Public Health Department has had to prioritize testing to close contacts and those who showed symptoms due to a limited supply of tests available to us. We are grateful to UNC Health for making universal testing at this facility possible. These partnerships are critical as we respond to an unprecedented pandemic.

The Laurels of Chatham will notify staff as well as residents and their family members of any positive test results. The Chatham County Public Health Department will continue to work with The Laurels of Chatham staff to ensure best practices are in place to limit the spread of the virus.”