Women, minorities and elderly to be hardest hit by Chatham County sales tax increase

by Bill Crawford

Pittsboro, NC – The Democrats on the Chatham Board of Commissioners have recently announced that they are instructing their staff to develop a budget with “no property tax increase” in 2020. This is a cheap election year tactic, belied by their move last year to raise property tax valuations, knowing full well that that and the wave of property reassessments would work together to raise property taxes by an average of nearly 10% countywide.

Women, minorities and the elderly may be hardest hit by proposed sales tax increase.

This also follows a referendum to raise the County sales tax from 6.75% to 7%, all of it to raise Chatham’s share of it from 2% to 2.25%. They deliberately put this referendum on the primary ballot on March 3, knowing full well that the vote turnout would be lower than the November general election, giving them a better chance of passing it.

Every registered voter in Chatham can vote on this referendum. It is imperative that you find a time to get out and vote NO on this tax increase, especially since the Commissioners have not stated any specific need or target for the new revenue.

Early voting run from Thursday, February 13, through Saturday, February 29. Primary election voting will be held at the usual local polling places on Tuesday, March 3, from 6:30 am to 7:30 pm.

There are four early voting sites:
1) Siler City  Earl B. Fitts Community Center, 111 S. Third Ave.
2) Goldston  Goldston  Town Hall, 40 Coral Avenue
3) Pittsboro  Agricultural Center, US HWY 64W Business
4) Pittsboro  CCCC Health Science Bldg., 75 Ballantrae Ct.

The last site is new, for North Chatham. It is near the corner of Taylor Road and 15-501. This is a new building and you will not find it on your maps. It is a block north of Andrew Store Road, if you are coming north, there is no left turn. You must drive further and do a U-turn.

All early voting sites are open weekdays from 8 am to 7 pm, Saturdays from 8 am until at least 1 pm.

We need to deal with the sales tax increase now.

When November comes, you will get a chance to end this craziness by voting for the three Republican Commissioner candidates: Jimmy Pharr, Jay Stobbs and Andy Wilkie. The two Democrats up for re-election are Mike Dasher and Karen Howard. We need to do the humane thing and promote them from public servant to citizen. Imagine how much more peaceful their lives will be, if they are not forced to sit in public for hours and pretend they are listening to people they disagree with, when they line up to publicly speak of their displeasure at how they are being governed.

Let’s shoot for a Chatham County government for all of us.

Make sure you mark both sides of the ballot. Vote NO!