Northwood’s Tracy & Boggess among NCHSAA Individual Wrestling 3A Championships first round winners

GREENSBORO, NC – The NCHSAA held the championship first round of the 2020 Individual Wrestling Tournament Friday afternoon at the Greensboro Coliseum. Among the first round winners was Northwood high school’s Tyler Tracy and Evan Boggess.

Tyler (40-0) won by major decision over Alex Barajas (J.H. Rose, 31-9) (MD 8-0). Evan Boggess (32-11) won by fall over Josh Myers (Northside-Jacksonville, 41-11) (Fall 2:36)

All of these wrestlers will continue in the tournament in either the consolation first round or the next round of the the championship bracket, which is the quarterfinals for 3A.

Northwood’s Tyler Tracy won his first round Championship match.

3A 106

Championship First Round

Lazaro Vasquez (North Henderson, 46-3) won by major decision over Kory Paschal (Northern Guilford, 53-10) (MD 13-0)

Ethan Blevins (Topsail, 43-5) won by fall over Christopher Watson (Eastern Alamance, 37-4) (Fall 1:19)

Marcus Jackson (Central Cabarrus, 51-1) won by fall over Damon Landreth (West Henderson, 41-13) (Fall 0:20)

Christian Zickefoose (West Brunswick, 50-8) won by decision over Lucas Daley (Chapel Hill, 20-3) (Dec 7-5)

Jahmez Settles (Fike, 44-8) won by fall over Ashton O`Neal (Southern Durham, 25-17) (Fall 3:12)

Aldo Hernandez (Montgomery Central, 54-7) won by fall over Caleb Haynes (North Gaston, 47-12) (Fall 2:57)

Northwood’s Tyler Tracy won his first match of the 2020 NCHSAA Championship in Greensboro. (photo courtesy of Charger Athletics)

Tyler Tracy (Northwood, 40-0) won by major decision over Alex Barajas (J.H. Rose, 31-9) (MD 8-0)

Joey Bruscino (Southeast Guilford, 34-4) won by decision over Joseph Baisley (Charlotte Catholic, 24-6) (Dec 7-2)

3A 113

Championship First Round

Christian Decatur (CB Aycock, 60-0) won by tech fall over Ethan Holandez (Cox Mill, 43-8) (TF-1.5 4:06 (19-4))

Noah Tocaben (Asheville, 44-5) won by decision over Moo Soe (Chapel Hill, 36-7) (Dec 8-3)

Jackson Baglio (Central Cabarrus, 54-4) won by fall over Jackson Lusk (Franklinton, 41-9) (Fall 1:42)

Jovanny Urzua (St. Stephens, 46-3) won by fall over Matthew Picariello (West Johnston, 34-13) (Fall 1:33)

Shyhiem Davis (Southern Durham, 24-7) won by fall over Ethan Robinson (North Buncombe, 31-20) (Fall 1:03)

Jake Cauble (Piedmont, 54-6) won by fall over Ethan Lenyszyn (D.H. Conley, 42-5) (Fall 4:00)

Chance Cottingham (North Gaston, 53-8) won by major decision over Johann Diaz (Union Pines, 43-16) (MD 10-0)

Ethan Lopez (Southwest Guilford, 34-5) won by fall over Joey Panas (North Brunswick, 38-8) (Fall 4:49)

3A 120

Championship First Round

Jacob Yim (Marvin Ridge, 15-5) won by decision over Malik Law (North Brunswick, 30-15) (Dec 11-4)

Nate Burrage (East Rowan, 41-8) won by decision over Diego Jimenez (Person, 39-11) (Dec 5-0)

Ben Baker (Topsail, 27-2) won by fall over Coy Reid (St. Stephens, 47-11) (Fall 4:49)

Dylan Muir (Southeast Guilford, 38-11) won by decision over Richard Williams (Gray`s Creek, 31-10) (Dec 9-5)

Tripp Collins (Piedmont, 59-1) won by fall over Porter Brice (Chapel Hill, 33-15) (Fall 3:20)

Barrett Klutey (Fike, 42-17) won by fall over Beau Carpenter (North Gaston, 20-11) (Fall 0:38)

Daniel Tierney (Concord, 36-9) won by fall over Nathan Myers (Southern Alamance, 29-4) (Fall 1:51)

Canon Barrett (C.B. Aycock, 46-11) won by decision over Henry Portela (North Henderson, 37-10) (Dec 7-4)

3A 126

Championship First Round

Corbin Dion (Enka, 54-5) won by tech fall over Connor Goodman (Jay M. Robinson, 50-9) (TF-1.5 5:47 (21-6))

Kessel Summers (Orange, 39-10) won by fall over Nate Lucio (Havelock, 41-10) (Fall 5:52)

Stephen Cotton (Southern Guilford, 32-2) won by fall over Christopher Kerley (South Iredell, 33-4) (Fall 0:39)

Jacob Talbert (Westover, 31-9) won by major decision over Daniel Arredondo (Topsail, 37-20) (MD 14-3)

Jacob Bennett (West Carteret, 50-5) won by fall over Andrew Clark (Union Pines, 44-14) (Fall 3:40)

Tommy Capul (Marvin Ridge, 25-3) won by decision over Noah Kiser (Central Cabarrus, 43-9) (Dec 4-2)

Evan Boggess (Northwood, 32-11) won by fall over Josh Myers (Northside-Jacksonville, 41-11) (Fall 2:36)

Zachery Karagias (Cramer, 38-3) won by fall over Garrett Benfield (Northern Guilford, 49-8) (Fall 1:44)

3A 132

Championship First Round

Matthew Smith (West Brunswick, 57-5) won by fall over Caleb Simpson (Parkwood, 43-16) (Fall 0:40)

Greyson Harris (Enka, 54-9) won by major decision over Zaccary Grierson (Gray`s Creek, 33-10) (MD 17-3)

Josh Wilson (Southeast Guilford, 46-0) won by fall over Nadim Qazizada (Franklinton, 26-8) (Fall 1:00)

Nicholas Schutz (Cuthbertson, 33-2) won by decision over Matthew Victoria (Harnett Central, 18-8) (Dec 2-0)

Will Lewis (Western Harnett, 45-2) won by major decision over Stone Shapiro (North Buncombe, 31-12) (MD 14-4)

Omar Tucker (C.B. Aycock, 39-8) won by decision over Max Benfield (Northern Guilford, 54-7) (Dec 9-8)

Rex Howard (Crest, 46-6) won by decision over Dominick Molinari (Southern Alamance, 41-13) (Dec 4-0)

Jeremiah Jackson (Mount Tabor, 44-4) won by decision over Christian Mezzaroba (West Carteret, 30-13) (Dec 8-6)

3A 138

Championship First Round

Tyreese Morris (Cramer, 30-2) won by decision over Jermiah Mattocks (Clayton, 25-13) (Dec 12-6)

Luke Masterton (Central Cabarrus, 45-11) won by fall over Kaleb Williams (Douglas Byrd, 30-8) (Fall 3:51)

Drew Sisk (J.H. Rose, 31-4) won by fall over Joe Dishman (Statesville, 35-12) (Fall 3:22)

Jack Taylor (Western Harnett, 31-8) won by decision over Lane Adkins (West Rowan, 38-8) (Dec 9-2)

Heath Gonyer (Northern Guilford, 61-0) won by fall over Jailin Smith (Person, 35-16) (Fall 3:36)

George Lahanas (Marvin Ridge, 17-5) won by decision over Garrett Weaver (Fike, 24-5) (Dec 6-4)

Aaron Faison (Union Pines, 43-11) won by major decision over Cruz Parral (Asheboro, 35-8) (MD 13-4)

Alexander Hopper (Topsail, 47-7) won by decision over Eli Foster (Enka, 49-15) (Dec 9-4)

3A 145

Championship First Round

Patrick Mahaffey (North Iredell, 41-2) won by tech fall over Josh Heyward (Jay M. Robinson, 30-27) (TF-1.5 4:20 (19-2))

Bender Sanderson (South Brunswick, 32-10) won by decision over Alexander Gunning (Chapel Hill, 33-10) (Dec 10-9)

Bailey Wicker (Piedmont, 17-1) won by fall over Garrett Bolling (St. Stephens, 38-18) (Fall 1:59)

Lydell Canady (Westover, 30-4) won by tech fall over Patrick McCullen (Fike, 47-7) (TF-1.5 5:55 (24-8))

Hunter Campbell (North Brunswick, 34-0) won by fall over Nicholas Williams (Triton, 37-9) (Fall 1:21)

Kaleb McGee (A.L. Brown, 43-9) won by forfeit over Tyler Morgan (A.C. Reynolds, 40-7) (For.)

Dallas Wilson (Cape Fear, 41-2) won by tech fall over Xavier McCullough (Havelock, 48-15) (TF-1.5 2:41 (15-0))

Kristian Jones (Dudley, 25-5) won in first period sudden victory over Jacob Wise (North Buncombe, 29-13) (SV-1 9-4)

3A 152

Championship First Round

Tyler Hughes (C.B. Aycock, 58-0) won by fall over Luke Lambeth (Asheboro, 26-7) (Fall 3:30)

Dawson Thibodeau (Person, 43-6) won by decision over William Swan (Cuthbertson, 37-7) (Dec 10-3)

Oren Bost (East Rowan, 36-4) won by tech fall over Jamie Duffy (Havelock, 43-14) (TF-1.5 3:12 (15-0))

Tony Torres (Enka, 44-9) won by decision over Jalen Keith (Gray`s Creek, 39-10) (Dec 10-4)

Jonathan Ross (Union Pines, 51-1) won by tech fall over Sam Bartholomew (Marvin Ridge, 27-15) (TF-1.5 3:18 (15-0))

Yoel Del Rio (North Brunswick, 39-5) won by decision over Terrell Dixon (Southwest Guilford, 36-11) (Dec 7-0)

Stephen Baynard (West Henderson, 43-4) won by fall over Raymond Pamplin (Southern Durham, 30-14) (Fall 2:59)

Vincent Page (Fike, 31-7) won by decision over Colby Locklear (Piedmont, 49-15) (Dec 9-5)

3A 160

Championship First Round

Caden Earley (A.C. Reynolds, 51-3) won by major decision over Gordon Whitfield (Havelock, 37-14) (MD 11-2)

Jaleel Parks (Cape Fear, 24-8) won by decision over Logan Lambeth (Asheboro, 46-6) (Dec 7-0)

River Carroll (Swansboro, 54-1) won by fall over Jack McDermid (Cuthbertson, 38-9) (Fall 1:45)

Zachary Pranka (Terry Sanford, 19-2) won by fall over Chase Crews (Northern Guilford, 34-25) (Fall 1:19)

Aiden McCafferty (Union Pines, 35-9) won by decision over Gavin Hartsell (A.L. Brown, 26-5) (Dec 11-8)

Luke Artz (Enka, 50-9) won by fall over Clayton Wilson (West Carteret, 38-11) (Fall 4:41)

Laye Conneh (Eastern Guilford, 43-7) won by fall over Josh Miller (Jay M. Robinson, 42-14) (Fall 5:23)

Chandler Jordan (North Iredell, 42-2) won in first tie breaker over William Germann (Franklinton, 44-3) (TB-1 2-1)

3A 170

Championship First Round

Auden Brennan (West Henderson, 46-5) won by major decision over Griffin Decker (Jay M. Robinson, 29-20) (MD 14-1)

Colin Pettine (Union Pines, 41-15) won by decision over Razel Rainey (Jacksonville, 17-11) (Dec 8-7)

Luke Swinson (Northwest Cabarrus, 32-9) won by fall over Dorian Whitworth (St. Stephens, 39-18) (Fall 2:29)

Troy Weaver (D.H. Conley, 49-8) won by fall over Divine Pipkins (Chapel Hill, 23-5) (Fall 1:02)

Aaron Bancroft II (Fike, 48-0) won by tech fall over Isaiah Manning (Eastern Guilford, 45-9) (TF-1.5 2:30 (18-3))

Garrett Pugh (Enka, 48-8) won by decision over Peter Petroff (Concord, 32-6) (Dec 3-1)

Jaden Paul (Cape Fear, 35-8) won by decision over Luke Coble (Southern Nash, 31-7) (Dec 10-3)

Owen Elwonger (Northern Guilford, 51-8) won by fall over Tyler Carroll (Cuthbertson, 19-8) (Fall 3:29)

3A 182

Championship First Round

Bryan Aragao (North Brunswick, 45-0) won by fall over Milan Summers (Dudley, 25-9) (Fall 5:02)

Justin Beltran (St. Stephens, 45-8) won by major decision over Brendon Worsham (Orange, 31-14) (MD 12-2)

Noah Atkinson (South Brunswick, 33-9) won by fall over Max Steele (Southeast Guilford, 36-7) (Fall 3:04)

Robert Hyder (Union Pines, 35-10) won in sudden victory first period over Eli Vassey (Enka, 39-7) (SV-1 5-3)

Garrett Steele (Statesville, 23-4) won by fall over Perry Sharpe (Eastern Guilford, 34-11) (Fall 1:06)

Jake Reynolds (West Carteret, 30-3) won by decision over Tayron Frost (East Rowan, 41-6) (Dec 12-9)

Kurt Hayes (Charlotte Catholic, 36-3) won by fall over Joshua Shorter (Williams, 34-10) (Fall 1:34)

Jadel Davis (Southern Nash, 27-5) won by decision over Aaron Berry (Western Guilford, 31-6) (Dec 12-6)

3A 195

Championship First Round

Colby Maxwell (Enka, 48-8) won by fall over Turner Bass (C.B. Aycock, 36-12) (Fall 5:51)

Jamae Blank (Southern Durham, 20-4) won in sudden victory first period over Robert Baringer (Carson, 25-9) (SV-1 8-6)

Jayleen Bullock (Fike, 45-3) won by major decision over Robert Shuford (Statesville, 27-8) (MD 16-3)

Charles Swiggett (Western Guilford, 37-1) won by fall over Marcus Williams (Westover, 32-4) (Fall 5:05)

Amir Joseph (Parkwood, 48-6) won by fall over Xavier Tinnen (Orange, 22-9) (Fall 1:29)

Chris Silva (Hunt, 38-7) won by fall over Andre Britt (St. Stephens, 50-6) (Fall 3:20)

Baiden Suddarth (West Rowan, 26-6) won by major decision over Vincent Valentin (Cape Fear, 18-2) (MD 18-9)

Saevyon McCray (West Brunswick, 51-4) won by major decision over Jadon Mintz (Tuscola, 30-16) (MD 10-0)

3A 220

Championship First Round

Triston Norris (North Henderson, 56-3) won by fall over Andre Hill (Northwest Cabarrus, 13-4) (Fall 1:16)

Jacob Vickers (Eastern Guilford, 5-10) won by decision over Terrence Raspberry (Southern Nash, 17-2) (Dec 8-5)

Jacob Barlow (Northern Guilford, 60-1) won by fall over Kai Stuppnig (Charlotte Catholic, 19-11) (Fall 2:24)

Derek Waiau (Havelock, 38-11) won by decision over Xavier McGhee (Southern Durham, 16-4) (Dec 6-4)

Alex Jones (Topsail, 30-10) won by fall over Jaheem Uzzell (Union Pines, 16-5) (Fall 5:06)

Cody Hardy (Parkwood, 45-4) won by major decision over Elijah Hurt (North Iredell, 38-8) (MD 9-1)

Nick Minacapelli (Cape Fear, 29-2) won by fall over Luke Kittrell (East Wake, 35-10) (Fall 0:32)

Alex McCalop (Southeast Guilford, 39-6) won by decision over Clay Webber (Crest, 35-11) (Dec 6-4)

3A 285

Championship First Round

Daniel Morrison (Parkwood, 40-5) won by fall over Isaiah Verspoor (Havelock, 24-9) (Fall 2:48)

Zyon Mceachin (Douglas Byrd, 30-5) won by forfeit over Omar Cerna (Cramer, 37-4) (For.)

Johnathan King (Southeast Guilford, 33-0) won by fall over JoaQuin Spells (White Oak, 13-12) (Fall 0:51)

Garrett Crocket (Gray`s Creek, 14-3) won by fall over Jason Shuford (Statesville, 27-3) (Fall 3:43)

Michael Carvin (Triton, 42-1) won by fall over Blake Martin (Alexander Central, 24-10) (Fall 1:41)

Ty Nicholas (Piedmont, 24-4) won in the ultimate tie breaker over Xavier Tabb (Jacksonville, 33-12) (UTB 5-4)

Rory Johnson (North Buncombe, 37-5) won by fall over Marcus Vincent (Person, 35-9) (Fall 1:29)

Jamier Ferere (Southern Guilford, 35-4) won by decision over Devin Patterson (Franklinton, 34-4) (Dec 3-0)