A friendly reminder about porch pirates

by Jody Bruchon

Siler City, NC – I came home today to find that a long, empty box which I had left in my carport for about 10 days now had been moved, turned upright (open side facing up instead of sideways), and there was a fresh dry cigarette butt in my driveway despite being a drizzly day. As far as I can tell, no one actually took anything, but it’s obvious that someone was up to no good.

People will follow package delivery vehicles around to see where they deliver packages. People will drive right up to your house and steal your packages. They will do it in broad daylight and in full view of all of your neighbors that are probably not paying attention anyway. They do not tend to get caught and the police will often do nothing about it, even if you do have video evidence. If you are friendly with your neighbors and they’ll be home when you aren’t, make a plan so you can call them and have them investigate if your camera motion sensors go off.

If you have security cameras that notify you of motion, use them. I moved some of my cameras so that I will catch anyone who happens to return…to steal my stuff or otherwise. I encourage you all to do the same. Talk to your neighbors and tell them to watch out for unknown people and cars. You may even want to put out some fake package boxes with trash inside so that they waste their time. Some people get more elaborate and even vengeful, putting animal poop or a string-triggered pair of blank shotgun shells in a fake package to ruin the pirates’ day.

Do what you can to make life more difficult for the porch pirates.