Chatham county is better than this destructive, nation-wide division

by Stephanie Talbott

Pittsboro, NC – I also want to comment on the out-of-town protesters coming to Pittsboro to make a nuisance and incite conflict and riot. 

Downtown Pittsboro, NC. (photo by Gene Galin)

Regardless of my feelings about the Confederate statue, I feel our county commissioners and the legal processes have been thoughtful and considerate of resident positions and the law. Time has been taken to sort out this issue, and without knee-jerk reactions to tear down (potentially damaging) the statue. 

I am proud of a county that can have these conversations and not inflict damage on property/others. We do need safe access to our town, shops, restaurants, holiday activities and where we had related to each other from all walks of life without judgement to personal political differences. 

I challenge this county and town to be different than much of our nation; talk to each other, respect our differences, protect our town & businesses from those wishing to inflict and spread their violence/threats of violence, and keep showing up in town to support our businesses and restaurants.

We are better than this destructive, nation-wide division.