History, hate or just plain stupidity

by Mark Stinson

Silk Hope, NC – In the process of learning more about the confederate memorial in Pittsboro I learned a lot about Chatham County. Its become a historical treasure hunt. 

The memorial was dedicated to lost loved ones during the war but since anything confederate or relating to slaves has been branded racist and evil to be removed lets ponder on this. 

So far I have found 70 plus roads, streets and locations that have a name of a slave owner, confederate, or klansman in Chatham.  The majority of Pittsboro was built by hands of the same folks. Some of the same people who donated money to build the monument also contributed money to build the Chatham County historic courthouse.  

Oh it gets better. England had slaves up till about 1900. Many of them were classified as property or a fancy term of indentured servants was come up with to make people feel better about owning someone. The Earl of Chatham’s family estate owned such slaves, servants.  So Pittsboro and Chatham are also named for someone who’s family owned slaves and saw people of color as inferior as well as poor white folks.  If the monuments goes the commissioners will be busy renaming roads, places, Pittsboro and Chatham to be politically correct while erasing history.

Earl of Chatham.

 I had to ask myself why that monument was so important to me.  I’m not a racist, never have been. I have friends of all races and I don’t care what color you are. If you are nice to me I will return the favor. I believe a-holes come in all colors, just like racists. Being a racist doesn’t automatically mean you’re someone white hating someone black. It clearly goes both ways. The “Chatham for All” group has proved even white people can hate their own race. 

I watch a lot of TV about ancient Egypt, Middle East, south America and one thing is constant every time a civilization started to remove monuments and erase its history it fell shortly afterwards. Holding onto and preserving history is very different than propagating hate like many on both sides of the statue argument have done.  

The monument is in front of a court house was gifted to Chatham as a memorial to those from Chatham County who gave their life in the American Civil War. People of Chatham donated and raised money for it.  That same courthouse didn’t serve equal justice to people of color for decades, but yet no one wants to remove it and I ask why?

Why is one artifact of history more OK than others? We have three existing courthouses. The historical court house in the center of town that reflects our history and where we once were. We have the newer court building that reflects change from the old ways to the newer civilized equal rights for all and finally the newest court house that reflects where we are now.  That new courthouse is where all people of all colors receive justice equally. 

The argument is that the stature reflects a policy not representative OF WHO WE ARE NOW and that is correct. It does represent a time long gone and those who died in a time clearly no one who hasn’t studied history clearly understands. If the statue goes due to it being a hate symbol; in all fairness the court house and every street name, every structure built by a confederate, klansman, racist, or even southerner should be bulldozed by that reasoning.  

I see hate like I have never seen in my life and it all started when they decided to make a statue into a symbol of hate and create a cause to light a match of division in this county. Whether it stays or goes, this county is forever damaged by thoughtlessness and ill planned manipulation of the public just to suit a handful of special interest groups.  

If removing that statue would remove hate and bring peace to Chatham I would hook my pickup to it with a chain and snatch it off its foundations myself. The sad part is that it won’t make a difference because those who want to remove it will just find something else they find offensive to hate and remove.

This shouldn’t be an issue between the UDC and Chatham County. It should be an issue between the citizens of Chatham to whom the monument was gifted to and the governing powers that be.  

If I hear one more person bitch about this and I ask them if they voted and they say “no” I will look them in the eye and say, “This is your own damn fault. If you don’t vote you have no right to complain.”

One of the biggest disappointments I have in fellow Chathamites is their unwillingness to actually research candidates and get off their rear-end and vote in this county and become involved in the community .

Once you forget the mistakes of the past your doomed to make them again .