Narrowing the lanes in Pittsboro traffic circle is a waste of taxpayer money

by Cynthia Grossman

Pittsboro, NC – I have read comments about DOT suggesting narrowing the lanes in the circle. I think that is a waste of taxpayer money.

Instead, put up stoplights on the islands that route the flow of traffic around the Courthouse: East-West, North-South, with an all-stop to allow pedestrians an opportunity to cross the streets safely.

A fly in the ointment is the light at Salisbury Street.  That light would have to be synchronized with the lights at the circle to prevent a parking-lot in the block of Hillsboro between the circle and Salisbury.

Of course, the light at Salisbury could be moved a block up to Thompson Street, with a trigger at Salisbury and at Thompson. The trigger light could be synchronized with the all-stop at the circle.

The circle has been in use since the Courthouse was built in 1881.  Natives do not seem to have a problem.