Musing about traffic circles and museums

By Bruce Hively

Pittsboro, NC – I am not a highway engineer for the state, nor county, nor town of Pittsboro; but reducing the circle or round-a-bout, is just insane. if any thing, it needs to be widened in my opinion.

Pittsboro traffic circle around the historic Chatham County courthouse. (photo by Gene Galin)

Believe it or not, traffic circles work very well when designed very well. Ours? not so much.

Take the one near our library…please. Its way too small to be much more than a bother a best, a accident waiting to happen at worst.

Our road designers should be sent to Europe to study round-a-bouts and learn how to do it right.

As to the old courthouse and statue, it has been argued that since it is now a museum, the statue fits nicely. Really? A visitor’s center in the center of a very busy busy and congested traffic circle?

How about moving the museum and the statue out of there and finding a more suitable location.

Oh yeah, and place the statue inside…preferably the basement.