Let’s put the Chatham confederate statue issue up to a vote

by David H

Pittsboro, NC – Not sure why some of the commissioners have their panties in a wade over the memorial standing in front of the historic Chatham County courthouse in Pittsboro.

The solution is a pretty simple one. Just put the issue up on next year’s 2020 election ballot.

If Mike Dasher, Jim Crawford, Diana Hales and Karen Howard truly represent the voice of the people of Chatham County they would welcome this opportunity.

However, we know this won’t happened.

Mike Dasher, Jim Crawford, Diana Hales and Karen Howard don’t want to put the statue issue to a vote in 2020.

Why not, you ask. Well the answer is pretty simple. The Chatham county residents who would vote to keep the statue are the same people who would vote for whomever ran against the liberal incumbents up for reelection.

Several things already point to the probability that the vote would be to keep the statue. The petition that ex-NYC attorney Howard Fifer and his cohorts presented to the commissioners contained fewer than a thousand signatures. Only a few weeks later the Chatham County residents who were in favor of keeping the statue presented a petition with over 3,000 signatures.

In an online Chatham Journal poll the results were: 4,169 (75.6%) say statue should remain in front of Chatham courthouse, 1,345 (24.4%) say to move it.
What will happen at Monday’s Chatham county commissioners’ meeting when the issue of the Confederate memorial comes up? Here’s my prediction –