Protecting our Chatham County home

by Cathy Holt

Pittsboro, NC – This is an excerpt from a letter that I recently wrote to a friend and decided that I wanted to share it with our dear Chatlist also.

I know that “progress” is unavoidable when one lives in such a desirable location. I also know the difference of development done with aesthetic sensitivity and development done without. Fearrington is a great example of that. It is a large community and yet except for the more recent build out, they left enough trees that one can still feel a comfort when there. Compare that to the development done so far by Chatham Park. I find it appalling and so very sterile. The soul of our county is removed where they have built and I would do anything possible if I had some power to stop more to this type development.

15-501 bridge over the Haw river in Chatham County, NC. (photo by Gene Galin)

Our beautiful Haw River is already under duress. I am one that loves to walk along it all of the time. It needs to be protected and I want those in power to be a voice that is passionately trying to do all they can to do so. 

There is no turning back time once our environment is depleted. You can’t put in a Bradford pear tree where there was once a glorious large beauty and not have a huge impact of what you feel in that space.

So I continue to say, develop as much as you have too for a secure economy here, but get laws in place now that keep the development done with as little impact to what makes this county special as possible. Other places have figured a way to do so and it can be done here also if it is a priority for those in power.

I don’t say much on the Chatlist that isn’t trying to soothe because the tone of the participants is frequently harsh. 

But this is my county too. My home. And it may sound corny to many, but it is the home of precious wildlife also who have no voices. I will speak up on this issue again and again.