Its official: Chatham County Democrat leadership dislikes half of county residents

by Chatham County NC GOP

Pittsboro, NC – On July 20, the Chatham County Democratic Party posted to Facebook that the GOP (Chatham Republicans) is a “racist, violent cult”, and that the 2020 GOP convention in Charlotte will be a ‘hatefest orgy’.

Post on the Chatham County Democratic party Facebook page.

The Chatham Republican Party Chair contacted the Chair of the Chatham Democratic Party and asked for a retraction of the posting. To date, we have received no answer. Therefore one must conclude that the Chatham Democratic Party supports this hateful speech against their Chatham County conservative friends and neighbors.

Chatham County Democratic Party chairman Jan Nichols.

It is disheartening to read this kind of rhetoric directed against fellow Chatham County citizens. The Chatham Republican Party pledges to take the high road and we will debate issues and ideas in a polite and respectful manner.

To our fellow Chatham Democrats and unaffiliated voters: if this Democratic Party Facebook posting language upsets you, express your opinions to the Democratic Party leaders. You are always welcome at the Republican Party table.