Chatham County property taxes to go up yet again

by Tom Glendinning

Pittsboro, NC – Notes on the Chatham County Board of Commissioner’s meeting Monday night, May 6.

I have not attended many since the new regime took over. After hearing the budget rationalizations, I know why.

Items that stood out:

Budget Historically

  1. 1st year in, spending went up $.07 (applied to year #2)
  2. 2nd year in, spending went up $.05 (applied to year #3)
  3. Last night, the county manager presented the departmental budgets, totaling more spending, requiring a $.041 tax hike.

The old adage not only rings true, it’s coming for you. If you are old, sick, on welfare, injured and cannot work, hang on, buckle down, bend over. (“You’ll feel a small pinch”) Though the total worth of the county has risen 10% in the last 2-3 years, there’s not enough. The total worth according to the building permit report is growing at four times the rate of 2010-2015. Rough total for 4/28 to 5/4/2019 is $4 million. Permit reports from the years mentioned averaged $1 million/week even in boom growth periods with major subdivisions applying.

“We promise that our eyes are not bigger than your wallet. We’re looking out for your last penny. We promise a silk purse and we don’t even have a sow’s ear to make one.”

(We don’t allow hog farms, hate chicken farms, but love to see decorative cattle around the pretty pastures even though we made meat unaffordable with ethanol. Etc., etc., etc.)


Thanks to Gene Brooks, local historian and retired teacher, for revealing the major points of the history of Chatham County, and little known details forgotten in the dust of time. His presentation was spellbinding. His plea was from the heart of Chatham. Leave this monument of history that we may appreciate the lives that created it and that we may learn from its message.

New Commissioner

Welcome to Andy Wilkie, a faithful servant from Southwest Chatham. He has served well on boards and run for senate. Now, he will take the brunt of being the only conservative commissioner. I trust he has the constitution of an Iron Duke and the patience of Job.

Walter Petty, good and faithful servant, we thank you for facing insurmountable odds on tough issues while being our advocate and watchman for eight years. You have provided the finest example of sound leadership and of common sense that we could have asked. You represented the party and Chatham with honor.

God bless you, Walter, Andy.

“And that’s all I have to say about that”