Second Bloom of Chatham provides support for domestic violence victims/survivors

by Cindy Perry

Pittsboro, NC – Several Chatham Chatlisters have asked about the new organization for victims/survivors of domestic violence.

We named it Second Bloom of Chatham, Inc. because we felt strongly about the mission of the agency recently dissolved, and we wanted to “bloom again” to provide vital support and education about domestic violence.

Our new thrift shop at 10 Sanford Road, in the Courthouse Circle, was very successful in December.  We thank all the people who donated clothes, the volunteers who helped organize, sort, price and operate the shop, and most of all, we thank the shoppers!  So many of you loved the old thrift store and you came thru for us at the new location.

In this new year, we will meet to set regular hours for the shop and we hope you will continue to patronize our thrift store.

All proceeds from the shop are being carefully accounted for and, with donations from our recent matching donor campaign, funds received will be used to reestablish services in a deliberate and sound manner.  Currently the County is providing funding for services previously provided by the former agency, and we will be working together in this effort.

The officers and Board Members are:  Cindy Perry, Jo Sanders, Linda Batley and Sam Cooper.  We incorporated as a non-profit with the State of NC and received our IRS determination letter indicating all donations are tax deductible.

Stay tuned for further information about the store and our activities.