Wintry weather could hit Chatham county this weekend

Pittsboro, NC – According to the National Weather Service Raleigh Office, all of Chatham County should expect to see cold rain starting late Saturday afternoon, with periods of snow or freezing rain developing overnight. Periods of gusty winds will also make it feel much colder and could bring down some weak limbs and trees.

This far out, the forecast models vary as to where and when transitions to snow or freezing rain will occur and how much specific areas will get. The northwestern part of Chatham County is currently expected to be more impacted by frozen precipitation, but the entire county is expected to have at least some accumulation of snow, sleet or freezing rain. The forecasters advise that a couple of miles can make a huge difference in terms of impact.

We will provide additional updates tomorrow, which hopefully will provide more details on what to expect in Chatham County.

Besides checking local TV and radio news, a great resource provided by the National Weather Service Raleigh is a Forecast Slide Presentation, updated every few hours at:

“Complete your preparations for wintry weather today and tomorrow, before conditions worsen,” advised Steve Newton, director of Chatham County Emergency Management. “Make sure your household has ample food, water, personal items and medications to last a few days. Make sure that heating units are in working condition and you have plenty of heating fuel on hand. Check on vulnerable and isolated friends and family.”

Please remember to take special precautions for pets as well. Water bowls left outside will quickly freeze. If at all possible, bring dogs and cats inside or make sure they have warm shelter from the cold and freezing precipitation. Some breeds are not equipped to handle freezing temperatures.

Martha’s Chapel Road after the snow storm

Residents may recall that Chatham had a major ice and snow event in early January of this year county property taxes were due.  The coming deadline, set by state law, is January 7, 2019. Waiting until the last minute can be risky during the winter season. For more information on tax payment options, contact the Tax Collections Office at 919-542-8260 or visit:

Several websites offer great tips on preparing for extreme cold and icy weather.