Chatham County Schools investigates ‘spoofing,’ urges awareness

Pittsboro, NC – Some individuals in the Chatham County Schools (CCS) community may have received calls they thought were from Northwood High School based on the caller ID only to find out the caller ID was misleading. This growing trend is what’s known as “spoofing,” which is when a person or company appropriates a phone number and caller ID in order to make misleading calls.

The district investigated the matter and determined that the number, 919-542-4391, has not been affiliated with Northwood since its disconnection in 2013. The number is not currently issued to a residence or business.

It’s impossible to stop that sort of abuse, and the potential exists for the misuse of other CCS numbers, according to the district’s phone provider.

“We recognize the trust placed in calls that come from Chatham County Schools and wanted to raise awareness about this issue in case future incidents arise that are outside of our control,” CCS Chief Technology and Information Officer Keith Medlin said.

Spoofing is common and has affected large organizations such as the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.