Board fills leadership positions at three Chatham County schools

Pittsboro, NC – The Chatham County Board of Education voted unanimously Monday to fill vacancies at two of its elementary schools and one of its high schools. Their start dates will be determined later.

Kendra Fisher will be the principal at Pittsboro Elementary SchoolKendra Fisher will be the principal at Pittsboro Elementary School. She has been the assistant principal at Aldert Root Elementary School in Raleigh since 2015. Fisher has her mind on next steps for Pittsboro Elementary, which already is moving in a solid direction.

“I plan to collaborate closely with our committed staff, students, parents and community partners to continue moving the work forward.” Fisher said. “Pittsboro Elementary families can expect me to be their child’s biggest cheerleader and advocate. I will serve and lead our school family with positivity and will always value family input and support.”

Amy Doty will be the principal at Perry W. Harrison Elementary School. She comes to the district from Chapel Hill-Carrboro City Schools, where she coordinated the school system’s programming for both dual and world languages. Prior to that, she was an assistant principal at Seawell Elementary School in Chapel Hill.Amy Doty will be the principal at Perry W. Harrison Elementary School

“An effective leader empowers and motivates others to work as a team toward a shared purpose — student achievement. This is accomplished in an environment of trust, open communication, shared responsibilities and mutual accountability,” Doty said. “It is very obvious that Perry Harrison is a school with a hardworking, dynamic staff and a dedicated community. As its new principal, I hope to build on these strengths and continue to work with all stakeholders toward high student achievement for all students.”

Dr. Bradford Walston will be the principal at Northwood High School. He is wrapping up a stint as principal at Providence Grove High School in Climax.

Bradford Walston will be the principal at Northwood High School

Bradford Walston will be the new principal at Northwood High School

“Northwood High School is moving in a good direction, and the next step is to continue moving that needle forward — academic growth in every measurable area,” Walston said. “We will make that happen by providing opportunities for growth and development for both the students and the teachers.”

Walston describes his leadership style as consistent, and he sets high expectations for students.

“High school has the most enjoyable students. I am drawn to the multitude of extracurricular activities and opportunities that are provided at the high school level,” Walston said. “It is in high school where many students cultivate their passions and work toward preparing for college or a fulfilling occupation.”

Walston said students at Northwood should expect to see him in their classes every day. That works both ways, though, he added.

“My door is always open, and I am available,” Walston said.