Galloway Ridge partners with the Boys & Girls clubs of Siler City to host youth summer camps

Pittsboro, NC – Galloway Ridge, a Life Plan Community in Pittsboro, North Carolina, is partnering with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Siler City to host three summer camps for youth in the area. The camps are organized by the Galloway Ridge Community Engagement Committee, which has selected ‘Growing Together’ as the theme in order to emphasize Galloway Ridge’s commitment to furthering the club’s mission of empowerment.

Growing TogetherSince 1995, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Siler City have helped countless students realize their potential and grow into thriving adults. The clubs have a significant positive impact on children in the area, with 73% of low-income club members age 12-17 receiving mostly A’s and B’s, compared to only 69% of their peers nationally. By hosting summer camps for students, Galloway Ridge hopes to encourage and support such achievements through an enjoyable learning experience.

As part of the camp, three groups of thirteen students from the Boys & Girls Club will come to Galloway Ridge this summer for the camp. This first group will attend July 10-12, the second July 24-26 and the third August 7-9. The committee will also host a member and family reception on Sunday, August 11. The Galloway Ridge Community Engagement Committee is excited for the events and hopes to help impact the lives of local children.

About Galloway Ridge

Galloway Ridge, is a Life Plan Community that provides a unique opportunity to enjoy a retirement lifestyle in an environment that is centered on active, independent living. The community is complete with state-of-art wellness programs provided by both Duke and UNC. The wide variety of educational, social, recreational and cultural activities create the foundation of the community. To learn more, please visit or call us at 919-372-3929.

About The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Carolina

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Carolina is an organization that focuses on empowering at-risk students in Sanford and Lee County with the resources they need to thrive and grow into successful adults. Through the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Carolina, over 400 students each day receive mentorship and tutoring in a variety of capacities, from schools to sports to career skills. To learn more or get involved, visit